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Coronavirus Special medication Consultation Benefits
First 20 minutes consultation free! Appointment at

Coronavirus Special medication Consultation

Coronavirus Special Consultation

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$ 30.00

Benefits First 20 minutes consultation free! Appointment at

Product Detail:

During this pandemic, will you consider going to clinics or hospitals in person? Would you like to have someone who represents you present your medication issues and modify the regimen according to your recent medical problems? Pharmacists who provided MTM service can solve your problem. Your questions and concern will present to your providers within one business day (not emergency), and this can save your trip to the clinics or hospitals. This 30 minutes consultation will give you the overall looks of your health issue, provide the channel to communicate with your prescribers, and be able to modify your medication regimen to fit your current medical condition via a stay-at-home internet consultation.

Comprehensive Medication Review
Medication Cost Management
Prescription Adherence Consultation
The ​Suggestion of Medication Therapy Management consultation time
​# of Medications                 # Chronic conditions                       Time of consultation Suggestion(min)
         1-2                                            1                                                                   30
         3-5                                        At least 2                                                           60
         6-8                                        At least 2                                                           90
         9-12                                      At least 2                                                          120
    12 and more                              At least 2                                                          150
​What if I purchased more time than I used? We will apply the rest of purchased consultation time to subsequent visits or refunds.
​How to make an new appointment

1. Book your requested date/time, please click here.
2. Fill out the forms listed in the "How to prepare for an appointment". 

24-hour prior notice of cancellation is required for full refund. Request for cancellation and refund must be in writing to "Contact Us"

Cancellation charge is a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 USD of total payment. 

• No refunds will be given on any consultation for no-shows
• No charge for rescheduling 
• Refund processing time is about 3-4 weeks Online Consultation Store Cancellation/Refund policy

For making an appointment, cancellation or refund; suggested consultation time frame; eligibility for complimentary consultation information; or to ask a question, please go to bottom of this page. Some of the following rate is introduction rate, good for first time client. 
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)
How to prepare for an appointment
1. Ensure that you will be ready for your vitals log and previous medical / test results on the appointment date. Please have your vital log ( blood pressure, heart rate) and weight handy.
2. Please have the following form fill out and sent to 24 hours before your appointment time: a) MTM Service Authorization Form, b) Patient Information Form,  c) ABN Form, and seven days before your scheduled meeting Medical Information Release Consent Form.
3. Please check if your insurance covers the service, what the co-pay is. All information about The Clinic is on the ABN form. 
4. For those who pay online including co-pay, please have your payment paid before your appointment.  
5. Make sure to test the Zoom audio / video access 30 minutes before the meeting. 

MTM workshop
Coronavirus special consultation
Free 20 minutes medication consultation during COVID pandemic, please click here for appointment.
Coronavirus Medical Clinic
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