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Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) screening This product will give your suspected question about your adverse drug reaction (Side effects) answered.

Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) screening

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This product will give your suspected question about your adverse drug reaction (Side effects) answered.

Product Detail:

Have you ever experienced an adverse reaction that you consider is caused by a drug, a herbal product, or a food supplement? Please contact us. The pharmacist will screen the potential medicines that could cause a particular drug adverse reaction for you. The pharmacist will also screen other factors, such as diseases or chronic conditions, drug-drug interactions that will facilitate the potential adverse drug interactions. We can also screen drugs that have other names beside US trade names.

The drug-induced adverse reactions could be a headache, dizziness, hypotension, hypertension, delirium (cognitive impairments, such as disorientation about space and time), hearing loss, urinary retention, constipation, irregular heartbeat, faintness, irregular body temperature without any recognizable reasons, extremely low (high) blood sugar, unrecognizable reason muscle pain, unrecognizable bruises or bleeding, overly sedation, rapidly deteriorating kidney function, fluid retention of extremities, or skin rashes, etc.  Some of these reactions could be life-threatening if continuing without any medical attention, if the signs are short of breath or edema of throat or lips, please contact near-by emergency care first.

 Once the potential drug(s) that cause the adverse reactions been identified, our pharmacist will contact your prescribing physician(s) to adjust the medication or dose as necessary. This intervention will not be authorized without your written consent. The rate is $25 per visit. Payment is only by PayPal and credit cards. 

Comprehensive Medication Review
Medication Cost Management
Prescription Adherence Consultation
​Suggestion of Comprehensive and Adherence consultation time
​# of Medications                 # Chronic conditions                       Time of consultation Suggestion(min)
         1-2                                            1                                                                   30
         3-5                                        At least 2                                                           60
         6-8                                        At least 2                                                           90
         9-12                                      At least 2                                                          120
    12 and more                              At least 2                                                          150
​What if I purchased more time than I used? We will apply the rest of purchased consultation time to subsequent visits or refunded.
​How to make an appointment

1.Send your requested date/time to " Contact Us" on the right. (make sure you have all medication bottles, and medical/laboratory test results ready on the requested appointment day)
i.  Write your time/date preferred (two options) within the store open hours at least 7 business days ahead
ii.Write the consultation service you purchased or requested.
iii.Write the purpose of the requested consultation(s).
2.Wait for response from the consultation service (usually within one business day).
3.Confirmation will be sent to your email.

Online Consultation Store Cancellation/Refund policy

7 days prior notice of cancellation is required for refund. Request for cancellation and refund must be in writing to "Contact Us"
Cancellation charge is a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 USD of total payment. 

No refunds will be given on any consultation for no-shows
• No charge for rescheduling 
Refund processing time is about 3-4 weeks 
To who are eligible for complimentary consultation services, please click here. Fill out form at #7  and send your request to "Contact Us"
For making an appointment, cancellation or refund; suggested consultation time frame; eligibility for complimentary consultation information; or to ask a question, please go to bottom of this page. Some of the following rate is introduction rate, good for first time client. 
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)
How to prepare for an appointment
1. Make sure that you will be ready for all vials and medical / test results on the appointment date
2. If you do not have a complete medical record on hand, please download the following Medical Information Release Consent From to request your medical record and send it to . 7 days before your appointment.
3. If you have medical insurance and can be paid by insurance, please bring your health insurance card and fill in the MTM Service Authorization Form.
4. All guests, regardless of payment method, please fill out the basic information of patients, including a simple history, family history, and drug history
5. iphone, Marcbook, and other Apple computer products can use Facetime connection
6. If you use the PC, you can use Skype, Google Hangout, etc.
7. If you have Wechat, or Line, please inform your account at "Contact Us"

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