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Dr. Chen is an amazing resource that is underutilized. She is extremely thorough and able to provide a comprehensive assessment of medications, conditions, side effects, and how they relate. Her process is something I had never experienced before in my 10+ years as a case manager. I really appreciated her communication with the client, other providers, and myself. She was able to come up with possible causes for things that had never been looked at and she was able to suggest changes that benefited the client and improved their quality of life. I have recommended her many times and will continue to encourage anyone, especially with concerns related to medication, conditions, or side effects to utilize her services!
Feedback and comments are really important to my service:
Due to my illness, every day I have to take more than 10 different kinds of medicine in the morning and in the evening.
Before I met Dr. Chen, I had been worried if I was taking the right dosage of the medicine and if there were any drug interaction. Dr. Chen has patiently working with me and researching/analyzing the dosage and potential interaction of my medication. Dr. Chen contacted my physician to provide her suggestion of medication adjustment.
I feel peaceful now because I know I am in a good hand. I am also very comfortable working with Dr. Chen not only because of her expertise but also because of her kindness. I thank her for not only helping me but also for treating me not as a patient but as someone she cares about.
I will certainly recommend Dr. Chen.
Monthly Medication Management Workshop---The best way to save money is to invest yourself. Please join us to learn how to manage your own medications!
Request the workshop by contact us. Limited seats, call today!

Serious adverse drug events, including death were reported from 224k cases in 1999 increasing to 1.8 million cases in 2017 according to Food and Drug Administration.

Don't be scar by the side effects of the medications. Don't be panic.  Learn the tips and skills to manage
your own medications. 

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This four-hour workshop is aiming to help individuals who have concerns about medication side effects, want to learn the tips about manage their own medications, want to know where to locate professional accurate drug information online, and learn how to properly read and understand the medications information/drug addictions. 
This is a request-based service. This workshop is planed to for the first Saturday of each month. Any group or individual can contact Susan Chen at 507-3016867 or email at to arrange a workshop.

Application process
1. Go to to fill out application.
2. Pay at online Consultation Store.
3. Wait for confirmation email and event information.
4. Prepare to go to the workshop (see below for the documents you will need to bring in).

Individual referral from Healthcare organization
1. Go to and fill the registration form
2. Go to and fill the physician/ provider referral form. 
3. Pay online via the online Consultation Store.
4. Prepare to go to the workshop and pay. (see below for the documents you will need to bring in).
The registration fee may be refunded if the workshop attendance does not make the minimum.

All patients or caregivers in Minnesota are eligible. Workshops will be held only at locations that are convenient for patients. However, inquiry by someone interested in hosting a workshop outside of a 50 miles radius of Mankato will need at least 14 people to register in order to open the workshop. (We encourage you to register as a group if you are located in these areas.)

The cost is $40 per person for registration. Maximum seats for each workshop is 21 persons. Patients with MHCP card, Medicare card (part B or part D), elderly (65 and older), referral from non-profit healthcare organizations (Provider Referral From is on our website: or state agencies can potentially receive a 70% discount.

Documents required
• Application/registration forms:
• Current Medication List 
• insurance information 
• Medicaid card 
• Referral form