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Why Older Adults are Most at Risk for Medication-related Problems?
Medication Therapy Management (MTM) programs
Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) and Prevention Presentation handout
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1. ADRs and Prevention
2. ADRs and Elderly
3. Renal ADRS-AIN
4. Liver ADRs
5. Medications cause fall and fall prevention
6. Tobacco smoking and drug interactions
7. Program poster
Adverse Drug Reactions-Anti-Parkinson Agents
Osteoporosis and Vitamin D 
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Medication Therapy Safety in Elderly Adult-Facts and Case Study
Drug Interactions in Mental Diseases Medications

Annual SCCBI Psychiatric Conference 1:45-2:30 PM, Oct 14, 2014
Topics: Drug-Drug Interactions in Mental Illnesses
Chronic disease management patient education workshop
April 14 to May 26, 2015 weekly at Eastridge Mayo Clinic Health System
What MTMs can do for you?
For local county Advisory panel
Quality improvement indicators
Pharmacy quality alliance

老人用藥安全 (中文演講) in Chinese
Hospitality of Chinese, St. Paul, MN
Spet. 10, 2016
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Dementia 1,2,3 失智症1,2,3,
Chinese Community Cultural Consultant on Dementia Initiative
Minnesota Board on Aging
Sept. 18, 2017
Elderly Care 
Eldercare Locator
nationwide search for different needs of elderly
Veterans Benefits
Veterans Pharmacy Benefits Management
Minnesota Help Network: locate all levels of healthcare providers in MN
MN River Area Agency on Aging
MAAA (Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging)
Legal services for senior
Drug/chemical Abuse/addiction
Addiction Center: for-profit organization serve clients have concerns about addiction  of drugs/chemicals
Substance abuse for Veterans
SAMHSA, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration
Opioid Overdose Prevention Tool Kit
Pharmacists' role in opioid epidemics
Minnesota Opioid Treatment Program

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1.Tylenol (Acetaminophen) can be deadly poison if overdose
2. Are over-the-counter (OTC) medications safe?-Aspirin 1Are over-the-counter (OTC) medications safe?-Aspirin 2
3. Is Sunscreen Safe? 
4. Is Benadryl Safe?
5. Drug-drug Interactions-give diphenhydramine as an example
6. Drug interaction of Aspirin
7. Medication Side Effects-Another Side of Medications
8. HPA axis suppression and corticosteroids use
9. Mechanism of Drug Addiction
10. Mechanism of Opioids Addiction Treatment -Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone)
11. Medical cannabis 
​12. HPA Axis Suppression and Health Consequences (In Chinese)
13. Corticosteroids Use and Type II Diabetes 
14. 皮質類固醇使用和糖尿病
15. Statins or Non-Statins: from Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Genetics Point of View
16. 他汀類藥物或非他汀類藥物:來自藥理學,生物化學和遺傳學觀點
17. 武漢新冠狀病毒(2019-NcoV)患者可能存在嚴重的腎上腺功能不全嗎?急性病毒感染中使用壓力劑量的皮質類固醇之理論依據,治療和監測-臨床藥師的建議
18. Possible severe adrenal insufficiency in new coronavirus Wuhan (2019-NcoV) patients? Rationale, treatment, and monitor of use corticosteroids stress doses in acute virus infection- suggestion by a clinical pharmacist
19. COVID-19 Diagnostic Test
20. COVID-19診斷測試
21. COVID-19诊断测试
22. Wuhan New Coronavirus Prevention-Post-exposure prophylaxis
23. 武漢新冠狀病毒的預防—在病毒接觸以後的預防方案(post-exposure prophylaxis prevention)
24. 武汉新冠状病毒的预防—在病毒接触以后的预防方案(post-exposure prophylaxis prevention)