MTM Clinic
​Online Clinic focusing on Medication Therapy Management

​ Free Covid-19 Consultation NOW available at The Clinic

​During this pandemic, will you consider going to clinics or hospitals in person? Would you like to have someone who represents you present your medication issues and modify the regimen according to your recent medical problems? Pharmacists who provided MTM service can solve your problem. Your questions and concern will present to your providers within one business day (not emergency), and this can save your trip to the clinics or hospitals. 

Who needs Medication Consultation?

Patients during the transition of medical care 
Patients who see multiple doctors and use multiple pharmacies 
Patients who have chronic pain, sleep disorders, or psychiatric disorders
Patients with multiple chronic conditions/ taking multiple medications and live at home settings
Patients taking high-cost medications 
Patients who have prescription drug abuse, misuse, addiction, or physical dependence 
Individuals who are pregnant or nursing 
Patients who have genetic differences from other individuals (poor metabolizer, ultra-rapid metabolizer)


  MTM Clinic is open online! 
A double board-certified physician who can speak Mandarin Chinese and English on-site to follow up on your chronic illness
1. Prescribe Covid-19 Medication out-patient therapy (Resource page) and care.
​2. Help your loved one to communicate with hospital staff during hospitalization.
​3. Medical Investigation assists, including possible adverse drug events, vaccine-related, Covid-19 related death and injury, and more.
4. Assistance in filing vaccine adverse event reporting to Human and Health Service.