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​Frequently asked questions and answers 

1.What is Medication Therapy Management (MTM) service?

MTM is pharmaceutical care provided by consultant pharmacists or other health care providers to help patients to achieve the best results from their medications.  

2.What will you bring home after MTM services?
MTM service can provide a comprehensive medication review at least annually for a patient.  An Individual patient-tailored medication related action plan will be developed. This plan will be designed based on the pharmacist’s professional knowledge and the patients’ feasibility.  MTM service will also provide a master medication list that includes all medications, including prescriptions, herbal and dietary supplements, and over-the-counter medications. 

3.What are the benefits of MTM services?
MTMs can prevent medication related problems, such as wrong doses, duplications, under doses, overdoses, and wrong timing of administration. MTM services can also provide information about adverse effects/side effects, so patients can self-monitor signs and symptoms of unpleasant or dangerous effects related to medications at home settings. MTM services can also reduce unnecessary medical costs caused by wrong drug use,  such as drug-related hospitalizations, life-threatening side effects, allergic reactions, etc.
MTM Services is a good resource for patients to gain knowledge about their medications via a face-to-face interview.  Good long-term relationships between patients and pharmacists will help prevent unwanted adverse effects as well as reduce drug-related morbidity or mortality.

4.What are the differences between a patient consultation at a retail pharmacy and medication therapy management?
The consultation service provided by a retail pharmacy usually will focus on one medication and heavily emphasize the indication of that specific medication. However,  medication therapy management will focus on outcomes, e.g. does the medication help or what can be done to improve the efficacy?  MTM services will provide useful information about all of the medications that the patient takes (including over-the-counter and dietary supplements), and MTM services will review patients’ medical documents, including laboratory results and family/social history. MTM provides both micro and macro spectrums to address the whole picture of medication issues.

5.Who are qualified beneficiaries of MTM services? And what is the cost?
1) For patients who have coverage of Medicare part D or other health plans with prescription drug plan (PDP).  For eligibility, please check with your health plan case manager or go to to review your MTM program details.
2) Other patients who are not eligible for Medicare Part D but have Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA) or MinnesotaCare will be also eligible if patients takes three or more prescriptions to treat or prevent one or more chronic conditions.  
3) Medicare Advantage (MA) with drug plans (DP), including  HMO, HMO-POS (point of service plan), or PPO (preferred provider plan)

4) Pay-out-of-Pocket option is available for those not belonging to 1) to 3). Rate is same as Minnesota Health Care program-MTM program. PLease go to "Consultation Store" 

6.How can I get an appointment with the pharmacist? 
 1. Email or call 507-301-6867(MTMP) first. 
 2. Fill out the form in " 7 ".
 3. After eligibility check, we will contact you to arrange an appointment
 4. If you would like to pay out-of-pocket, you can go to the "Consultation Store" and pay. All non-used payments will be applied toward another consultation or be refunded (see cancellation/refund policy in Consultation Store).

​7. How can I prepare for my appointment?
With information from your insurance card(s), fill out the " Authorization for Medication Review" and "Patient Information Form-MTMP". If you have more medical information from your hospitals or clinics that you usually visit, you can also fill the" Consent for Release of Medical Information" form and mail it to your hospitals or clinics. As soon as all these required documents are turned in to, we will contact you to arrange an appointment. When you come for your appointment, you will need to bring in all your prescription, Over-the-counter, and herbal medications. 

​8. How I can meet my pharmacist?
You can meet your MTM pharmacist at "Medication Therapy Management Service at Mankato," 14 Columbia Court, North Mankato. For some plans, such as Medical Assistance, an interactive video interview (online) is possible. Consultation services can also be provided at patients' homes if you pay out-of-pocket. Clinics or ambulatory care facilities are also places to provide MTM services. 

9. Hours/Dates: Monday to Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Saturday 9:00 am-1:00 pm. All appointments require 7 days prior request. No walk-ins accepted. 

14 Columbia Court, North Mankato, MN